FanVestor to Collaborate with Media Giant iHeartMedia for Pandemic Relief and Beyond

Michael Golomb
5 min readAug 21, 2020

In my previous posts I wrote about how FanVestor is leveling the playing field for investors in the entertainment and sports arenas and the differences between FanVestor and other forms of investment such as traditional capital markets and crowdfunding platforms. Now, it is with great excitement that I share with you news of the collaboration between FanVestor and one of America’s most important media companies, iHeartMedia.

FanVestor and iHeartMedia focus on the joy of entertainment and sports and make these worlds accessible to the masses. Each does so in its own unique way — iHeart by providing a personalized listening experience to 276 million listeners across 848 radio stations, and FanVestor by making investment in top musicians and sport figures possible for everyone, regardless of net worth. Together, we’ve created a national sweepstakes charitable fundraising campaign around the COVID 19 pandemic.

In these times of great uncertainty, what people need most is entertainment and information that gives them the ability to come together to effect positive change and healing. With the physical world effectively shut down, technology has been the conduit for this, making it possible for billions around the world to stay informed, employed and in constant communication with their loved ones, colleagues, healthcare providers and retailers. It has also opened up a space for existing businesses to pivot and create new, more efficient ways of doing business so that they not only survive but thrive moving forward. Technology has been provided a beacon of light during the crisis — just think about how much worse it would be without the internet, smartphones, and the ability to hold virtual meetings with those across the country and around the world. Amazon has made it possible to get nearly everything we need, while Netflix’s streaming service has eased some of the boredom of being trapped at home and brought a much-needed escape when the news was anything but positive.

Music, on the other hand, has always been the ultimate unifier, bringing people from all walks of life together even under even the most difficult circumstances. With 133 million registered users, iHeart has one of the greatest monthly reaches among media or technology companies. Moreover, these users are across several demographics, including baby boomers, millennials and Generation Z, as well as both women and men. As the number one commercial podcaster, iHeart has 155 million downloads per month, as well as 210 million social media fans.

Throughout the pandemic, iHeart has used this reach to serve as a source of information and comfort to millions, bringing them updates from physicians, scientists and other thought leaders working on the frontlines. On Sunday, April 29, during the height of the national shutdown, music icon Elton John hosted the iHeart Radio Living Room Concert. He and several other superstars from across the music industry performed from their homes, raising an estimated ten million dollars from dedicated fans.

The collaborative effort between FanVestor and iHeart Media holds the potential to make an even greater positive impact. Last month we launched a charity-driven campaign in Los Angeles to benefit benevolent efforts around COVID-19. Together, we delivered numerous unique physical and digital experiences featuring some of the world’s top musicians, celebrities and athletes, including DJ Khaled, The Jonas Brothers, Jackson Wang, Ryan Seacrest, Paul Oakenfold, The LA Dodgers, and others. Capitalizing on this experience, iHeart and FanVestor can now kick off the nationwide campaign, which will expand into the exciting worlds of race car driving, country music, and other arenas.

FanVestor is uniquely positioned to be a part of the global force for good as we drive deeper engagement with our community. As a micro-securitization platform that allows accredited and non-accredited fans to invest in their celebrity heroes, FanVestor creates a unique relationship with consumers. Social media has made these celebrities “super brands” and they can now leverage this by raising capital (within regulatory constraints) for various projects and offering exclusive rewards to their fans for their participation in each raise. The securities trading digital platform Robinhood provides retail investors an easy path to invest in their favorite publicly traded brands. Instagram gives fans a glimpse into the world of their favorite celebrities. FanVestor is the first platform to leverage these two concepts in harmony, providing fans an opportunity to invest in their favorite celebrities and buy exclusive perks.

Most importantly, FanVestor gives fans the ability to “Invest with Heart™. In the past six months millions around the world have dealt with unimaginable financial and personal loss, while millions more watched helplessly via the twenty-four-hour news cycle. Now more than ever people need to feel like they have something to contribute, and FanVestor empowers them to throw financial support behind causes celebrities and other influencers are lending their voices and considerable social media platforms too.

This campaign dovetails with FanVestor’s mission to level the playing field for investor/owners around the globe. The goals of our initial phase is to increase member signup and bring to the FanVestor platform A-list celebrities to run numerous different fundraising projects, with guaranteed broadcast, display and social advertising. FanVestor is also excited about building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with these participating celebrities for future security offerings, as well as the fan-fundraising technology and compliance platform. The learnings gained through this exercise will be providing unique understanding of the participating fans in such campaigns.

We believe that these kinds of engaging fan-driven campaigns offer immense value to media companies, especially during unprecedented times. Such joint ventures generate new advertising revenue streams from one of the greatest media companies in the world, thus providing the participating talent, musicians, and athletes financial benefits for charities and other fundraising campaigns. Through agreements and partnerships with financial and business leaders such as HSBC, Deloitte and Perkins Coie, FanVestor serves as the data-driven investment platform with an unmatched level of robust investment technology, transparency and compliance.

In my next post, I’ll be sharing some insights on how FanVestor is capitalizing on the recent changes in regulations and tech innovation (Job Act/compliance +social media 2.0 + data science 2 = democratizing capital markets). In the meantime, go to to learn more about how you can Invest with Heart during the COVID19 pandemic:



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